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In summer and winterterms we offer different lectures and seminars. Please find our teaching offers on the following page.



We offer different lectures regarding technology analysis and technology foresight. The lectures are either held in the summer or winter term. The lectures are offered to students who are interested in the field and methods of future studies. For visiting the lectures no qualification is needed.

Lectures are held as block events

Our lectures are arranged as block events. We meet 6 times in the semester. Every meeting takes about 4 hours. In the first half the content is presented. In the second half students get the opportunity to learn and use the methods by themselves.

Beside the methods we encourage our students to improve their softskills.

The second part of the lecture (training) is executed in small groups of students. In the end of the meeting students have the opportunity to present their results in front of the group. Besides working in groups th ability to present content can be trained. This happens without any grading.

Experienced personal is presenting

The lectures are mainly held by the chair-owner Professor Lauster. In some meetings he will be represented by experienced scientists.

Exams to finish the lecture

The lectures are finished with an exam (60 minutes). Students can gain 4 CP.

Methods of Future Studies – Technology Foresight Winter Term
Methods of Future Studies – Technology Analysis Summer Term


Professor Lauster in small seminargroup Copyright: © Stephanie Hansen-Casteel

Besides the lectures we offer Seminars where students are working interactively on specific questions.

Small Groups

In small groups we offer a good mentoring be the lecturer and are establishing a suitable atmosphere for discussions.

Soft Skills

Besides the content we promote the achievement of soft skills like communication and presentation.

Assignments or presentation to finish the seminars

To achieve a grade and the CP, either an assignment, which is done in homework, has to be handed in or a presentation has to be held.

Science and Knowledgetheory Winterterm
Data Driven Foresight - quantitative methods of future studies Winterterm
Interdisciplinary future studies - social and engineering viewpoints and tomorrows technology Summerterm
Ethics of Technology Summerterm
Safety Research Summerterm


What requirements are necessary to attend the Lectures?

None. Both lectures are suitable to get a first insight in Foresightmethods.

What are the requirements to visit the seminars

Although officially there are none, we recommend to visit the corresponding lecture in the semester, where an introduction to the content is given.

In what language are lectures, seminars and exams being held?

Lectures, seminars and exams are in german, only.

Is it necessary to visit the lectures?

We urgently recommend to visit the lectures. However it is not mandatory to visit the lectures. It is also possible to prepare for the exam using the published materials (and maybe some additional literature)

Is it necessary to visit the seminar?

If you signed in for the seminar it will be very important to visit the meetings. Content is only presented within those meetings and in some cases essential group work takes place.

Is it still possible to visit the lectures and exams Foresightmethods 1 and 2 ?

The lectures are not offered any more. However the content is held in our "new" lectures Technologyforesight and Technologyassessment. The exam Foresightmethods 2 is still offered to students who are repeating the exam, in Winterterm19/20.

Is it possibe to write the exams as additional exams?

Yes. Please talk to your Fachstudienberatung about the regulations

What students can take place in the seminars and lectures?

Not all seminars and lectures are open to every student in the Faculty of mechanical engineering. Please check the "Modulbeschreibung".

What are the allowed auxiliary means?

One Page of size DIN A4 is allowed. This can be handwritten on both sides. The exam shall be written with a blue or black document proof pen.

Are old exams being published?

No. However Example-questions are presented in the last lecture of every semester.

How shall I prepare for the exam?

The best way is to visit the lecture. Besides the content interdependencies are presented. If you weren’t able to visit the lecture we recommend to check secondary literature upon questions.